The Dream

  • As young adults in the late 70’s, Jeff and Deanne (Detweiler) Rush witnessed the life-changing impact of summer camps and weekend retreats in their own lives.

  • By 1980, Jeff and Deanne were serving as youth leaders in their own church and were continuing to see significant life-change in the lives of the students as a result of “time away” from the normalcy of life. By the time of their wedding in 1982, they were beginning to dream of establishing a retreat facility and accompanying ministry where the values they embraced could be perpetuated and evidenced in serving young adults.

  • Enabled by the generosity of Abram Clemens in March, 1984, Jeff and Deanne decided to invest their lives and what little resources they had into creating such a place in Tioga County in north-central Pennsylvania. It is this original vision and passion for young adults to genuinely know God that the Three Springs Ministries Board embraced and determined that they should characterize every aspect of ministry.

Jeff and Deanne Rush

Executive Director and Founders

The Challenge

  • Growing up has never been easy, but we find ourselves in an historically challenging period of time. Since the middle years of our previous century, our world has undergone significant change. People growing up in this “emergent culture” are navigating uncharted waters. This cultural change, combined with the frenzied pace that both students and adults are seemingly forced into, only increases the need for times to “pull away” and retreat for a time of focus, challenge, and renewal.

  • Most importantly, retreats and camp experiences are a time to hear from God, which for some reason seems difficult to do in the midst of the noise and commotion of everyday life. The staff involved in Three Springs Ministries acknowledges and understands this changing world, and they are committed to serving those who are growing up under the pressures of this complex societal change.

The Background

  • July 1984

    • Jeff and Deanne Rush relocated from southeastern Pennsylvania to “the old Heyler mansion”, to begin Three Springs Ministries. Renovation work on the 100-year-old, 33-room mansion began.

    • First weekend retreat is hosted in October.

  • 1985

    • First additional staff, Tim and Pat Loux join staff.

  • 1990

    • Renovation of additional buildings on the property begins with the Summer House, increasing capacity to 57 beds.

  • 1992

    • Renovation continues with “the Stable,” increasing capacity to 67 beds.

  • 1994

    • Reconstruction begins on the large horse barn to create the new meeting and activity barn.

    • Outdoor adventure programming begins with the acquisition of 12 mountain bikes.

  • 1996

    • Horse program begins. Large agricultural barn is renovated along with tack building and tack bunk rooms, increasing capacity by 12 to 79 beds.

  • 1998

    • Outdoor adventure expands to include backpacking equipment and associated program.

  • 1999

    • Outdoor adventure expands to include canoes and related equipment and program.

  • 2000

    • Third floor of the Mansion modified to increase sleeping capacity to the current 95 beds.

    • True North, an internship program in camp ministry and discipleship is begun with four college-age interns.

    • Abe Clemens and his family gift the property, valued at $1.25 million, to Three Springs Ministries Inc.

  • 2001

    • A wilderness cabin is constructed 1 mile from the main camp location to accommodate 12 people in a rustic setting.

    • Motor coach bus is acquired to expand outdoor adventure and missions trips in the western United States.

  • 2003

    • Missions/Outdoor Adventure/Travel Trips into western states is significantly expanded.

  • 2004

    • Full-time staff is now eight, plus two part-time staff and six interns.

  • 2005

    • Acquisition of the Linck Hill Inn. Purchased for $532,000, debt free. Staff increases to 12.

  • 2008

    • Restoration of and additions to the Linck Hill Inn are completed for $600,000, debt free.

More History To Be Updated Soon!

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