Mansion Renovations

A Huge THANK YOU to all who gave of their time talent and treasure to make this project a success! 

When Jeff and Deanne Rush moved into the Mansion to begin Three Springs in 1984, they needed an "act of God," in more ways than one. They personally needed "acts of God" as they stepped out by faith with just $100/month of support they could "plan on." The 100 year-old building needed an "act of God", (and a lot of hard work), having sustained years of neglect and a fire in 1981 which ALMOST destroyed it. At that point after the structural, smoke and water damage was immediately addressed, Abe Clemens and his family decided to abandon the use of the building, and not seek a renter. God had other plans and Jeff & Deanne stepped into His story! 

In the winter of 1984 they began to get just a few rooms "live-able" so that they could relocate by summer, and so began a minimal renovation. VERY minimal. Power was brought back into the house and a water pump was made operational. Crumbling horse hair plaster on the walls was repaired. Some roof leaks were fixed. The wind still blew the window curtains in January, especially on the west side of the house where at time they would sit in their living room in snowmobile suits to stay warm! 

In the late 1990's Jeff and crew went through the entire building... one or two rooms at a time, to replace windows (no more blowing curtains), re-wire, install insulation in exterior walls wherever possible, and tear out the old horse hair plaster and lath, replacing it with drywall. A "re-birth" to be sure! 

They still had the old hand-fired coal boiler... with just one thermostat responding to the heating needs of 32 rooms! All it would do is open the draft on the boiler, allowing more air to the bed of coal. As a result, the system would create more steam... which would wander to whatever room it decided to. If YOUR room was not chosen, too bad! "Leave your door open" was spoken to guests for YEARS! 

This year, 2019, having just completed 12 weeks of updating and "beautification," the Mansion has been "born again... AGAIN!" We added individual bathrooms with tile showers, new vanities and sinks, and yes... a new heating system, so each room has it's own heat zone! We now have a refreshed building which maintains the beautiful "Victorian charm" of the Mansion, but is now more functional and comfortable for many different uses. While ministry to teens and young adults will continue to be the emphasis of the "Farm" property, we are VERY well equipped to now host families for "family weekends," college-age guests, and adult retreats. 


1st floor: Dining and Kitchen

2nd floor: 6 bedrooms 

The Lane








Crib Room / Wing


Library (detached bath)


3rd floor: 5 bedrooms 





First Light


The Boger




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